I’m Kristina, and I’m an experienced marketing professional who has worn many different hats!

I kick-started my career working and volunteering for non-profits out of college, where I learned about event planning and running all aspects of marketing (ie. cold calling, emails, social media, events, webinars, etc.). When I landed my first B2B job in 2013, I was introduced to demand generation, marketing automation and channel & field marketing. Managing tasks, leads and campaigns for 50+ events a month taught me how to multi-task and build relationships with key stakeholders.

The skills I learned over time led me to my first marketing operations role, where I was introduced to email marketing and the technical aspect of marketing automation. My passion for both helped me accomplish many things such as: expanding a fairly new team by 50%, launching workflow & campaign processes, building, QAing and A/B testing various marketing campaigns, becoming Google Analytics certified, becoming a strategist for deploying & optimizing paid media promotions and so much more!

My wealth of knowledge eventually led me to a role as a project runner who owned the strategy and execution for event and paid advertising programs. I helped map out personas & customers journeys and create new email & promotional programs to meet demand generation & sales objectives.

Currently, I’m working in my first B2C/B2B role as a Marketo Certified Expert admin and email marketing advocate for a utility company. I help build and manage assets for a customer behavioral program and lend support in streamlining all communications made in our ESP by multiple stakeholders.

In my spare time, I’m an illustrator running my art brand, Black Out Art. I sell my artwork online and at conventions and craft fairs. I enjoy drawing & painting, attending comic cons, staying active with pilates & Zumba, listening to music, playing video & board games, blending & drinking tea and appreciating animals (especially cats & dogs).